The Jakirian Cycle Has Landed!

Hi, everyone. I’m excited to say that my Jakirian Cycle has entered the real world of ink and paper! 

For those of you read the first Calvanni edition, the two follow-on books in the Jakirian Series are finally here! 

Book 2, Scytheman, has been published in print and is available through Amazon.

Book 3, Sorcerer, will follow within days. 

The electronic and kindle versions should be available by the end of October. It’s all rock ‘n roll!

The covers look fantastic. Below are the covers for the new Calvanni edition and Scytheman, making its debut appearance. If you lay out the three books, they form a city-scape of the old Imperial Capital of Raynor, seen at three different times of day. I’ve hyperlinked the covers below to Amazon.

New Calvanni CoverScytheman Cover

 I’ll have copies of all three books to sell at Brisbane Supanova 8-10th November.

The Jakirian series is Heroic Fantasy set on the world of Yos, with unique ecology and twin suns, where all metal is magical and control of magic is the basis for power. The setting includes fantastical magical artefacts such as glowmetals, ceramic weapons and an array of new creatures.

One of my all-time favourite writers is David Gemmell, so it’s no surprise that the Jakirian Cycle has strong themes of Heroic Fantasy.

In The Calvanni, the cavern-dwelling Eathal have emerged to wreak their vengeance on mankind. The fate of innocent thousands rests on finding the Scion – lost heir to the fallen Empire. The Temple has outlawed the ancient practice of Sorcery. Its Druids dominate religious and secular power, but are ill-equipped to resist an unknown evil once contained by the Emperors.

Scytheman follows on from events in The Calvanni. The city of Raynor is now in turmoil. False-Scion Osterac has declared himself heir to the fallen Empire and his supporters riot on the streets. Legions of non-human Eathal advance across the continent, destroying all in their path. The future of Yos lies in the balance and only the Scion can unite the shattered fragments of the fallen Empire. Pursued by the renegade Sorcerer Raziin, Cedrin and Ellen struggle to stay alive on a lawless continent torn by war. They are drawn toward a lethal contest for the awesome power of the Spear of Carris, where the identity of the true Scion will be revealed.

More about the series next week:)

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