Abduction Report

Mad Genius Club

Hi, everyone. Apologies for my lack of reply to last week’s UFO post, but I was abducted by magical Sidhe folk living in the forest behind my house. As always, time spent in the Sidhe realm follows different rules. Thankfully I did not emerge a day or so later having aged to a ripe old age, but there was definitely some time slippage. Even now I’m not sure if a week or a year has passed.

I’m fascinated to learn that UFOs are pushing up house prices in Canberra (thanks Dave), perhaps some of our politicians are also being robotically controlled? Julia Gillard’s hair colour can’t be real, surely? I also used to often wonder about John Howard’s eyebrows.

I tend to think much the same as many of the post-responders last week in terms of the reality of alien visitations. The pattern of UFO sightings, which exploded post-WWII, corresponds…

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